Thursday, June 09, 2005

Worth Four Thousand Words

WIth nothing else to do while I am cooped up healing from the removal of three wisdom teeth, I got a little advice (thanks to the always helpful Happy Homemaker) and figured out how to import photos onto my blog using Hello. Hooray!

Here's a few photos picked at random from my files to serve as a test. First, here's two gravestone angels I photographed at Waco's beautiful Oakwood Cemetery:

Next, here's the Ten Commandments, still proudly gracing the lawn of the Texas Capitol:

Finally, here's Muley at a young age posing with the Texas state flower, the bluebonnet. (The name of the red flower in the background is a source of unresolved dispute between my parents to this day. One calls them "Indian paintbrushes," the other maintains the proper name is "red blankets"):


Jan said...

You DO have some beautiful photos! Hello HELLO!

(I'm pretty sure Okies call them Indian Paintbrushes)

Messy Christian said...

Looking at the baby picture ... awwww