Sunday, June 12, 2005

Beautiful Cameron Park

What a beautiful Sunday God gave us in Central Texas! I was out with the digital camera today, shooting pictures all over Waco. On a whim I went to Waco's beautiful Cameron Park, one of the city's best-kept secrets (at least when it comes to people who don't live here). This is a photo I shot of the Brazos River as it passes under Lovers Leap in Cameron Park.

For all of you whose only exposure to Waco was through the Branch Davidian tragedy, and who therefore might have been operating under the misconception that Waco is nothing but flat prairie, here's proof that we have our nice elevated views as well.

Lovers Leap has a lot of old legends attached to it, some of them involving a pair of Indian lovers long ago who chose to jump from the high cliff together after parents prohibited them from marrying. Every now and then in the modern day, some overeager or under-cautious person starts climbing around on Lovers Leap, and either falls to a bad end or has to be rescued.

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Katalina B said...

It's interesting, Muley... I had traveled to Guam many years ago and near Agana was also a "Lover's Leap". This location was part of a beautiful park with the cliff(s) overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The stories are similar in that, the Guam story pivots around a young Chamorro man and woman who's parents also had forbid their union. Different parts of the world...but the same old story...

Your pictures are lovely...keep 'em coming!