Saturday, June 11, 2005

Wango Tango!

Guess who's playing the Waco Hippodrome on Muley's birthday? None other than a Michigan transplant who supposedly has a ranch not far from George W.'s in Crawford. And here I am, 15 minutes away, and neither one has invited me over yet.


Paula said...

Me, I'm a Michiganian. My son never got into Ted for the music, but he loves it that Ted bow hunts. He can't recognize his music, but he knows when Ted bags a big one. So are you going?

Muley said...

Hey, hey, Paula--

Although I would love to see what Ted Nugent will do to the Hippodrome on July 11 (I have a feeling he'll blow the roof off that modest-sized space), Mrs. Muley has other birthday plans for me.

Ted's music is a bit, shall we say, explicit for me now, but in high school his music was big with me and my friends. "Cat Scratch Fever" was about as risque a record you could get away playing at a high school dance, you know.

I admire Ted's decision not to drink or do drugs, to support the Second Ammendment, and to help out disadvantaged kids through his hunting camps. And, though I've never been hunting, I think I'd accept if Ted invited me along. What a way to learn how to hunt - being tutored by Ted Nugent!

jenA said...

I can confirm that Ted's ranch is near GW's - not only does my first Waco ex run camera for his weekend outdoor show, but my second Waco ex was asked to provided permanent inking services to a group of young people participating in Ted's reality show at the ranch. (My second ex declined, as Ted refused to pay for the permit that allows tattoo artists to operate outside the confines of a sterile studio environment). But how cool is it that my ex's talent reached the ears of a Midwest rocker? I was proud.

Muley said...

Well, jena, I never knew you were the one George Strait wrote that song about.

"Permanent inking services"? Is he a squid?