Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Governor John Hoeven, Meet Julie (Again...)

Being a former broadcast news reporter myself, I can sympathize with Julie Neidlinger right now. In a recent post on her blog, Lone Prairie, she details how North Dakota Governor John Hoeven failed to pretend he knew her, even though she as a reporter had met and covered him before:
He came up to Langdon just a few months back because of all the Main Street fires (Langdon seems to be a kind of Bermuda Triangle for crappy luck here in North Dakota), and I met him then. And I met him when I was at the capitol with my friend whose father is a representative. He even made the same silly joke then as he did this time, about how the paper I work for, the Cavalier County Republican, was a great name for a paper. Which, I suppose, should have been a sign he didn't remember me. The same joke. Twice. To the same person. In one year.

I'm not a memorable person. I'm kind of like the color gray, in appearance and personality...but still!!!

He almost didn't even shake my hand like he did the rest, so I shoved it out there. I was offering to give a handshake! AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE SHAKING HANDS!

Someday, I thought, Governor John Hoeven is going to know my name, gosh darn it, he is.
Julie, who writes one of the best blogs around, wants to make sure Gov. Hoeven doesn't blow her off again, so she's asked her fellow bloggers to help fire a "Google bomb" (whatever that is) by making a post such as this one. I was happy to oblige, making rude politicians squirm being one of my pastimes.

Gov. Hoeven, I've learned one thing about blogging women during my short time in the blogosphere. They're smart, they're feisty, and they take names. Mess with them and risk the consequences, but treat them nice, and they'll give you the shirt off their back (well, maybe not the shirt, that would be about their shoes? Oh, for heaven's sakes, you couldn't ask a woman to give those up. Uh...their UMBRELLAS. On a RAINY DAY. Okay, we'll settle for that).