Saturday, June 25, 2005

Fiesta Time

The Muley family is leaving today with another family from our church for our annual trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. We'll bake in the heat, eat too much and spend too much on junk, but hopefully we'll have our usual great time. The fireworks show that ends the day -- very patriotic -- is almost worth the price of admission.

I won't be posting anything new till late Tuesday, but I've left a few items for your perusal today, including yesterday's post on Chapter 4 or Celebration of Discipline, which concerns fasting.

Ya'll have a great weekend!


Kate said...


When you get back, would you do me a favor by commenting on this question about Ephesians 5:

I'm really interested in getting some feedback from different people. Perhaps MRs. Muley would like to have a go?

Muley said...

I'll give it a shot, Kate. You and yours have a good weekend there up north.

Stacy said...

We're heading to San Antonio in early August for vacation. I know, I know, Texas in August, are we insane? The kids really want to go to Schlitterban (or however the hell you spell it). So we're going, hmm.

Muley said...


Wow, Schlitterbahn! Our family goes there every summer. In fact, we're going this summer either August 4 or 5. Is that when your family will be there?