Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Storms Above and Below

You must read the two stories filed by Julie Neidlinger at Lone Prairie about the severe storm that hit her part of North Dakota on Father's Day. Luckily, she and her family are safe, but there was a lot of damage, brought to life by her wonderful writing and amazing photos. The original story is here, the followup story is here.

I went with Mrs. Muley and my 12-year-old daughter to see Star Wars Episode III this past weekend. (Yes, we are quite the envelope pushers, aren't we?) We all agreed it was much better than Episodes I and II, and having seen it will make watching the original three episodes (IV-VI) much more interesting now that we have a better idea exactly who is clunking and huffing around in that big black tin can.

However, despite our enjoyment of the movie, there was again some especially bad acting (especially on the part of Natalie Portman, whose rabid popularity and supposed goddess status I will never understand). The best catty review of the film, with a lot of points I agree with, I found here from Blonde Champagne.

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nightfly said...

That was awesome. I did enjoy Ep III myself, for two big reasons: 1 - the bar had been lowered so far; 2 - I only spent matinee money on it. Neither is the type of reason authors hope for.

Sometime I'll dig out my old review of Ep II from my old web site and post it up. Ought to be fun.