Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Religious Art Destroyed By Fire

A devastating fire at the Biblical Arts Center in Dallas has destroyed 90 percent of the religious-themed artwork inside. I'll be very interested to learn what caused this fire, which is still under investigation. Here's more on the story.

UPDATE: KSKY-AM News in Dallas just reported that police are looking to talk to a "person of interest" in connection with the fire. The man was seen hanging around the Arts Center the past few weeks, and they want to see if he had anything to do with the fire.

Meanwhile, today's Dallas Morning News says the temperature reached 1,500 degrees inside the windowless building, which didn't have any sprinklers. Among the artworks inside was a special exhibit featuring framed pictures of Pope John Paul II, but it's not clear from the article if those paintings were destroyed or not.

I'm sad to say that even though this museum was only 90 minutes away from me, I had never visited it. I hope they rebuild and restock, and you can be sure I will visit if and when they reopen.

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