Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Way To Go, Ladies!

At the White House today, President George W. Bush congratulated Waco's own 2005 NCAA Women's Basketball champion Baylor Lady Bears. I have it on good authority that, unlike recent visitors, none of the Lady Bears were wearing flip-flops.

First of all, everyone gathered in the Rose Garden for a photo:

During the Rose Garden ceremony, Bush said, "It is my honor to welcome some highly successful women from the neighborhood. (Bush's home in Crawford and Baylor are about 20 miles away from each other). First, I want to congratulate the Coach. She obviously knows what she's doing. But I love her spirit. I love her can-do spirit that says we're going to win, and we're proud to win." Then, Bush invited everyone into the Oval Office for a quick looksee and a few more photos:

Way to go, Lady Bears. What a great end to an incredible season.

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