Friday, July 29, 2005

Let's Play Virgin Tag

Can I come up with a provocative headline, or what?

You can see how much of a naïf I still am in the blogosphere when, after almost three months of putting out Muley's World, I have gotten my first tag, or meme, or whatever you want to call it. I guess that means I'm no longer a tag virgin. The nice lady who deflowered me was Stacy of Not A Desperate Housewife. But she's innocent -- she didn't know it was my first time, and anyway, I started shaving early and have a deep voice, so anyone could have been duped.

The tag she has chosen to pass onto me is one where you must tell about your favorite movies at various points in your life. Okay, I'm game. Here goes.

EARLY CHILDHOOD: The Batman movie (the first one, with the wild colors and cartoon dialogue balloons where they said things like "Holy hand grenade, Batman!"), Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Yellow Submarine, Tora, Tora, Tora (I was a big WWII nut as a kid), Oliver!, and Jungle Book (my favorite Disney movie as a kid).

TEENAGE YEARS: My absolute favorites were hilarious and sometimes crude comedies that I would watch with friends, movies so funny we'd bust a gut, such as Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Slap Shot, Animal House, The Blues Brothers, and Blazing Saddles and other Mel Brooks masterpieces. I also loved What's Up Doc?, the best screwball comedy I've seen (and one to almost make me forget Barbra Streisand's politics). On the serious side, I was a big James Bond fan, and especially enjoyed Live and Let Die, with luscious Jane Seymour and the cool Paul McCartney title song. (Of course, for my money, Sean Connery will always be the James Bond.) And seeing All The President's Men played a part in inspiring me to major in journalism in college, for better or worse.

ADULT YEARS: Some movies I loved as an adult were teen movies, but they came out when I was older, such as Sixteen Candles, one of my all-time favorites. Other adult favorites: Airplane (and all of its spinoffs, such as Top Secret and the Naked Gun series), more James Bond, Local Hero, My Favorite Year, The Gods Must Be Crazy, The Straight Story, Brazil, most Tim Burton movies, and a contender for my favorite movie of all time, Amelie.

RECENTLY: Like Stacy, I haven't seen a lot in the theaters lately that has wowed me. Some that have include The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Cinderella Man, The Incredibles and anything else by Pixar. I'm hoping that Batman Begins and The War of the Worlds are as good as everyone says they are.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE: There's not one movie that hits all of the high spots for me, so I'll do it a different way. Best comedy: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Best drama: The Straight Story. Most enchanting movie: Amelie. And, a bit of an alternate universe thing here, my all-time least favorite comedy: Anchorman.

Now, the hard part. What three people do I dump this on next? I'll have to look for some kind-hearted types who won't hate me forever. How about Mike of The Nightfly, Katalina of Katalinaz Place and Michelle of Right in Texas? I don't think any of them would hit me if we were in the same room together, and they're all interesting people. I look forward to their choices.


Stacy said...

Thanks for participating, it's always fun to hear things like this.

nightfly said...

Oh, Muley, you've no idea what you've started. This could lead to the longest post ever. It certainly won't fit in a lunch hour!

Just for that, you have to take the Sci-Fi Character quiz. Heheheheh.

Laura said...

Batman, yes, excellent. War of the Worlds, sorry, some scenes were frame for frame from Jurassic Park, I felt I'd seen it all before (but my husband loved it).

Katalina B said...

Ok...ok...I'm still working on my favorite movies list since you "tagged" me!
One comment tho, about War of the Worlds...Lots of excitement, great special effects but that was about it. Tom Cruise "sucked" (for lack of a better word!) Like Laura's husband loved the movie too.

Katalina B said...

Oh...Muley...this is going to be difficult (and not short)!!!

EARLY CHILDHOOD: When I was young I did not go to movies. My grandmother (born/raised in Wyoming—whose family story is a future Blog Post if ever!) did not believe in going to the movie theater, so as a result, I did not get to see any of the early Disney movies until I was older. There were numerous television series that we watched—too numerous to mention.

When I was a little older (maybe 8-9?), I do recall one theater outing. It was with my aunts (which is probably why I got to go!) The movie was “Love Me Tender” starring Elvis Presley. All I can remember is that Elvis died in the movie and that all the girls in the audience were crying! “How dumb!” was my thought!

If I think back, I would have to say my favorite movies (watched on TV) when I was younger was the war movies. Really(?) you say? Well you have to understand, I am of the “baby boomer” generation. Propaganda war movies starring Audey Murphy, Aldo Rey and those guys from that era, were played in a lot of “gung ho” war movies where the hero gives his life for his fellow soldiers, family, and his country. What a “noble” and “patriotic” thing to do!!! I wanted to do that!!! ...well, maybe not give up my life, but certainly I wanted to become a soldier! I wanted to show that I could be patriotic! I wanted to “fight” for my country and I did (sort of)! I was a Master Sergeant USAFR!)...

TEENAGE YEARS: I still did not go to too many movies. Yes...being raised by a strict grandmother is a good thing (as I look back on it!), but during the time it didn’t seem so! My idea (and my grandmother’s) of “spare time” was spent on other important things, like feeding cows, pigs, goats, chickens, collecting eggs, making butter, canning vegetables and fruits, going to auctions and buying for next season, etc. (How does a Hawaii girl do all that??? I told Grandmother was born/raised in Wyoming!!!)

When I graduated high school, I did get up enough nerve to go to see “The Graduate”! Ha! What a “racy” film for me to go see!!! I thought it was cool. But...I was sooo embarrassed! You see this was during the time when the theater (in the following week) was going to switch over to showing “X” films, so the previews were about some rated “X” girl!!! OH...MY...GOODNESS!!! I wanted to just “shrink up” so no one could see me in that theater watching those previews!!!!!!!!! (HA! I can laugh about that now, but it wasn't so funny then!)

ADULT YEARS: In my early 20’s (now married with two children...stationed overseas in the Far East...I go to all the Disney movies!!! I loved "Cinderella" the most (Remember, I did not get to see these movies when I was younger. What girl wouldn’t (especially me with the strict grandmother that made me do LOTS of chores, cleaning and cooking!!!)

Then there were the Kung Fu movies with Bruce Lee...where he “kicks” and “ki’ai’s” and everybody “gets it” who is supposed to “get it”! We would all (adults and children alike) come out of the theater “kicking” and “karate chopping” each other! Then STAR WARS came out. We went to see it in Cocoa, Florida (we were reassigned to the States). Amazing as it seems, there was hardly anyone in the theater that first viewing! We went to see it three times and on the third viewing, we had to wait in such a long line! The Star Wars phenomena had struck!

I know...I know...I’ve already typed too much...and given far too much background instead of movie titles... so I think I will just “cut to the chase” and give a boring list of my favorite all time movies (which were mainly seen during my ADULT years!) You will note that some are “teen” favorites, chick flicks, action, adventure.... Regardless of what particular age group or type group the movie may be aimed at—if I like it is all that counts in my book. (I must also state, that unlike some people, I do not go to a movie in search of some deep philosophical meaning of life. I WATCH A MOVE FOR PURE UNADULTERATED ENTERTAINMENT! Now, if I “get” a message from the movie which imparts a “deep philosophical meaning...”, then I look at that as just “gravy”. I also love movies where "good" ALWAYS overcomes evil and movies (once again) where those who have done wrong, "get" their just rewards.

So here’s the list...sorry it took so long for me to get to it!!!

Monty Python’s: The Meaning of Life Quote: “...I couldn’t eat another bite...”

Monty Pytohn’s: The Holy Grail: “...Nict...Nict...”

Sixteen Candles “...yanky my wanky...”

Secret Admirer (funny situation)

Trading Places! (Loved when DA was dressed as Santa and eating on the bus!!!)

Gladiator (Loved the Roman Era/Gladiator type movies! Action, guts, glory)

The Last Samurai (Don’t care for Tom Cruise...Loved the Japan setting and especially loved Hiroyuki Sanada—Ujio character!)

Twilight Samurai (Hiroyuki Sanada...touching story about a father)

Kingdom of Heaven (The “Perfect” loved Orlando Bloom! At the top of my list right now...can’t wait for the DVD!)

Pirates of the Caribbean ( loved Orlando Bloom! ...did I say that already?)

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Compelling and sad true that “we” often do not listen to others, because we are so wrapped up in ourselves.... heh-heh...who said I don’t get some “meaning” out of movies!?!)

Duel in the Sun (The ultimate “Love” story cowboy style!)

Hero (Jet Li) (Wu shi action....loved Jet Li!!!)

All of Jet Li’s movies...Wu shi action!!!

Musa, the Warrior (Wu shi action!!! Ancient Chinese storyline)

Sense and Sensibility (Strictly a chick flick...boring to some people)

Tiko and the Shark (Now this was from my island child days.... Ah...Tahiti!!!!!)

Star Wars (all of them!)

Back to the Future (all of them!)

Gods Must Be Crazy (both of them!)

Lord of the Rings (all of them !!!)

PIXAR Movies...(I’m with you on those, Muley!)

Saving Private Ryan (realistic... war...touching)

Band of Brothers (realisitic... war...touching)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jcarey)

Caveman (classic)

Tremors (funny...stupid.
“...what’s the plan?”)

BOND..James Bond (All of them...except for the one that starred the dark haired actor before Roger Moore took over...can’t remember his name...)

Hook (Fun story...adventurous)

My Cousin Vinny (...just funny!)

Wizard of Oz (Classic)

Romy & Michelle (pure nonsense.. cute movie...Romy & Michelle should meet the Budavi Brothers from “Night at the Roxbury”... they’d be perfect for each other!)

Night at the Roxbury (more pure nonsense...they should hookup with Romy & Michelle!)

Only You (Chick Flick ...Great Italy scenery!)

The Pest (pure nonsense...loved the Chinese Restaurant scene!!!)

Bourne Identity/Supremacy (Action...European locations)

Shawshank Redemption (Loved some the sayings, i.e., "...hope is a good thing..maybe the best of things..." and "...get busy livin' or get busy dyin'...")

Tron (before its time)

Ronin (mystery...action...spies!!!)

Whale Rider (...tradition... polynesian)

Das Boot (action...battles...)

Young Lions (Funny...touching... good ending)

Open Range (Cowboy action)

Brave Heart (cast of thousands!

The Mummy/Mummy Returns (Action... adventure....exotic locations... cast of thousands—even if they are computerized!)

TombRaider (both! ...adventure
...exotic locations)

Help! (Beatles Classic “...I’m going to miss the sacrifice!”)

Emerald Forest (interesting story)

Sound of Music (Classic)

I am sure there are many many little little cyber many movies!

(I guess that will teach you to put me on “tag” status!!!)

Muley said...

Wow, Katalina! What a great (and LONG) list. But I knew you'd come up with some great ones. I can't believe I left out BRAVEHEART! Thanks so much for responding.

Now, you see, the fun thing is that YOU get to tag three more people and pass this madness on. Have fun!