Thursday, July 21, 2005

Muley's Trivia Quiz

I love trivia questions. Here's 10 I came up with, based on finding the item that's not like the other entries.

1. Which person listed below did not have his or her image immortalized on the cover of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album?

a) Tyrone Power
b) Louis Armstrong
c) H.G. Wells
d) Shirley Temple
e) Tony Curtis
f) Diana Dors

2. Which college is not a member of the Ivy League?

a) Dartmouth
b) Cornell
c) Rutgers
d) Pennsylvania

3. Which of the following celebrities is not a native Canadian?

a) Donald Sutherland
b) Pamela Anderson
c) Jim Carrey
d) Kirsten Dunst
e) Neil Young

4. Which animal is not used in the Chinese zodiac?

a) Rat
b) Rooster
c) Monkey
d) Rabbit
e) Dog
f) Cat

5. Which colorful malapropism was not attributed to baseball legend Yogi Berra?

a) I don’t think anybody should write his autobiography until after he’s dead.
b) You can observe a lot just by watching.
c) If you can’t imitate him, don’t copy him.
d) A nickel isn’t worth a dime today.
e) It gets late early out there.
f) Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded.

6. Which famous old-time baseball player did not hit at least 500 home runs in his career?

a) Frank Robinson
b) Jimmie Foxx
c) Lou Gehrig
d) Ernie Banks
e) Mel Ott
f) Harmon Killebrew

7. Which movie did not win an Oscar for Best Picture?

a) Mrs. Miniver
b) Oliver!
c) A Man For All Seasons
d) The Greatest Show On Earth
e) Doctor Zhivago
f) Broadway Melody

8. Which famous person did not commit suicide?

a) Brutus, assassin of Caesar
b) Edwin Armstrong, inventor of FM radio
c) Diana Churchill, daughter of Sir Winston
d) Cliff Edwards, voice of Jiminy Cricket
e) Hannibal, warrior who brought elephants over the Alps
f) George Eastman, inventor of the Kodak camera

9. Which famous person did not change their name?

a) David Letterman
b) Albert Brooks
c) Michael Caine
d) Randy Travis
e) Winona Ryder
f) Jodie Foster

10. Which baseball team has never made it to the World Series?

a) Chicago Cubs
b) Arizona Diamondbacks
c) Houston Astros
d) Milwaukee Brewers
e) Kansas City Royals
f) Cleveland Indians


1. b
2. c
3. d
4. f
5. a (attributed to Sam Goldwyn)
6. c (Gehrig hit 493 home runs)
7. e (lost to The Sound of Music)
8. d
9. a
10. c (sad but oh so true)


nightfly said...

OK - without peeking (and I swear I didn't look anything up on the web, either)

1. A, Temple. I think she asked to be unincluded.
2. C, Rutgers. My alma mater.
3. D, Kirsten Dunst. I sort of hope she's from Texas.
4. F, cat. Al Stewart lied. But there is a Year of the Tiger.
5. C (I hope)
6. C, Gerhig finished with 493 - but is the all-time grand slam leader and drove in over 1990 runs.
7. F
8. D (were these last two guesses? My grades in calculus? The mind boggles!)
9. A
10. OK, geez, quit beating yourself up!

Muley said...

Alright, Nightfly, 7 out of 10! Better than I would have done, truthfully, if I hadn't had the answers already.

The Wikipedia entry I got the Sgt. Pepper list off of says Shirley Temple is there -- maybe one of the dolls at the right. The un-Berra quote was 5a, not 5c, and, believe it or not, it was Zhivago that never won an Oscar. Hard to beat Sound of Music, though -- they just competed in a tough year.

Gentleman Farmer said...


Rutgers SHOULD be a member of the "Ivy League," inasmuch as it was founded in 1766, rather earlier than several of the upstarts who ARE members.

And what's this about Frank Robinson being an "old time" player? I watched Frank play, buddy.

(And, YES, I'm Rutgers College Class of '73, Rutgers Law (Camden) '76.

Muley said...

Sorry, Farmer. I should have said, "retired or dead" players. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

nightfly said...

Farmer, you got to RC before Bloustein went co-ed? Neat.

Now the next big thing is to eliminate the colleges altogether and have Old Queens Campus, Douglass Campus and the like. Nobody much cares for the idea so far except for the committee that cooked it up.