Saturday, August 27, 2005

Texas Postcard Gallery

This week's postcard is not exactly a Texas postcard, per se. This little jewel can be found all over the Southwest. I imagine it was designed by someone who didn't want any more Yankees or other non-residents moving down here, as it goes to great lengths to show just how many poisonous and otherwise nasty critters live in these parts. I imagine if you were out walking and ran into this exact layout, you'd just pour melted butter on yourself and surrender.


Bob Denham said...

I'd just be smiling, Muley ... kind of like that Jackalope in the middle of the picture. Wonder how he thinks he's going to get out of there alive? If the howling coyote doesn't get him the scorpions will ...

Obviously the only smart one of the bunch is the buck keeping his distance in the background.

Kind of reminds me of the "Peacable Kingdom": the Lion will lay down with the Lamb and the babe will play in the adder's den. Maybe if I get wind of the Second Coming I'll move to Texas!

Muley said...

Bob, if this is the peacable kingdom we Christians have been promised, I guess I'll have to accept it, but I want the gila monster and the badger to sign a non-aggression pact in front of Jesus before I lie down with either one.