Thursday, August 11, 2005

Random Observations and Trivial Events

1. While waiting at the pharmacy to get a prescription filled, I noticed a display of plastic pill boxes –- you know, those ones where each day of the week has a compartment with a flip-top lid. They come in all sizes, and the largest size I saw displayed was huge. You could easily put three dominoes in each day’s compartment and still have space left. I know there are probably tens of thousands of people who take so much medication each day that they need a pill box this big –- maybe two or three boxes, I don't know. I hope I never, ever, have to take that much medicine.

2. There’s always at least a 30-year difference in age between the music that plays through a grocery store’s sound system and the music that the stock boys play on their personal boom boxes. The music on the store system is usually 70s pop and rock; the music on the boom boxes is usually rap, modern hard rock or contemporary country. While John Denver burbles from the ceiling, Ludacris is shouting it out on Aisle 14.

3. There’s a new product just out –- Mega M&Ms -- and it's supposedly 55 percent larger than regular M&Ms. What is the reason for bringing this product out? Are people complaining their regular M&Ms are too wimpy? Will we see Super Sweet Tarts next?

4. I bought the DVD of “Because of Winn-Dixie” for the kids when it was released Tuesday. This is another one of those rare movies that is not only entertaining for adults, but is clean enough and interesting enough even for pre-teen kids. I’m looking forward to watching it again. I predict that Annasophia Robb, the 11-year-old female lead, is going to be a major, major star someday. She also plays one of the bratty kids in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (a movie I haven’t seen yet), but be sure to see her play a very likeable character in “Winn-Dixie.”

5. While on vacation, I watched “Tombstone” for the first time. Wow! What a great, but brutal, movie. I’m not sure how historically accurate it is, but it’s great drama. I was admittedly surprised at how good an acting job Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer did. I don’t think of either one as a heavyweight thespian, but they were great in this.

6. I went along on a photo shoot Monday at a doctor’s office. As the photographer was inside a room getting shots of a posed examination, I was staying out of camera range in the hallway. I pace sometimes when I’m waiting, and as I was walking back and forth, a nurse came up to me, patted me softly on the back, and asked me in a very concerned voice, “Are you waiting for a family member?” When I told her that no, I was just waiting for the photo shoot to be over, she laughed and told me I had such a worried look on my face while I paced the hall that she thought I was anxious about a loved one.

7. Here in the Lone Star State, I notice that Dreyer’s ice cream has come out with two new flavors designed to appeal to rabid Texas college football fans (are there any other kinds?) Actually, it’s one flavor of ice cream packaged in two different cartons. The ice cream inside is “vanilla ice cream with fudge swirls and caramel-filled footballs,” but one carton has the name “Aggie Blitz” (for Texas A&M fans), while other cartons call it “Longhorn Stampede” (for University of Texas fans). Wouldn’t pigskin detract from the flavor of caramel?

8. I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with Muley’s World, and in which direction I want to take it. I feel it (and I) have been somewhat aimless lately. I guess I've got the blogging blahs.

9. There are days when I just absolutely cannot listen to talk radio, even conservative, pro-America, Christian talk radio. Some days it just seems like it’s the same conversation replayed for the 4,346th time, with the same good guys and bad guys, the same treachery, the same idiocy, the same frustrations. I like to maintain the illusion that the quality of my daily life doesn’t depend on whether the Democrats or Republicans score more points on a given day, or whether I am sufficiently outraged by the latest public outrageousness.

10. You know those wordless bathroom signs, where the only difference between the stick figures is that the female figure is shown wearing a skirt? What happens when they use these signs in Scotland, and a guy wearing a kilt walks up? Is he confused about where to go? Does he have the right to choose either one and not get in trouble?

11. I was walking through the halls of our church on Wednesday night, and I thought I heard the youth band upstairs playing a familiar song during their “youth hour.” Sure enough, it was a cover of “Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Okay. Is this a new Baptist youth group anthem? Were the kids in the audience all holding up flaming Bic lighters and yelling “FREEBIRD!”?

12. I've heard that Ken Follett's book The Pillars of the Earth, a fictional account of the building of a cathedral in 12th century England, is a phenomenal read. Has anyone read it? If so, was it good?


Jan said...

1) I've seen those huge pill boxes. I actually thought about buying one because I knew I could find it in my purse. Also, I have the next size down and the giant vitamin I take always gets wedged in tight. As an added feature, it holds as many of the new m&ms as the smaller box hold of the old m&ms.
2) You wrote on so many topics, I don't remember the order, but I'd like to say that aimless rambling makes for entertaining reading, so I think you may be right on track.
3) As for the m&ms, they had larger size Shrek m&ms and, I must say, I did like them a teensy bit better. Maybe even 55% better. Maybe they got good reviews from everyone?
4)As for the bathroom sign, the woman is clearly wearing a dress rather than a skirt or kilt. Notice there is no waistline. Therefore I deduce kilted Scotsmen dare not enter.
5) I've ordered Winn Dixie from Netflix, but I can't bring myself to watch The Chocolate Factory even though I've heard good reviews.
6) I hope you never, ever, ever require that many pills, too. But if you, you'll probably need the 35 compartment holder so you'll know when to take each pill.

Stacy said...

Not really sure what to comment on, but how about, ditto. I bought the Winn-Dixie movie last night, funny,

Bob Denham said...

Hey, Muley ... have you turned up anyone yet who has read Pillars of the Earth? It sounds fascinating, but at 983 pages that's a pretty hefty investment. (I judge reading investments based upon my proven track record: since my only time to read is before going to sleep at night I can usually manage about 6 sentences before my eyes droop shut completely. A 983-page book would take me about 6 or 7 years to complete.)

I just finished reading a great (shorter!) book that I think might be about the same: Bruneleschi's Dome by Ross King. as it is non-fiction of course it probably doesn't contain the same level of excitement as a Ken Follet novel.


Laura said...

Winn-Dixie is also a good book (book before movie, again). I had a bunch of kids last year who loved it. I would like super-sized Reeces Pieces, but I guess they sort of have them in the form of Reeces Cups, except they don't have the hard candy shell, which is one of the best parts. I agree with Jan about the kilt, and besides, isn't one of the points of kilts that you won't need to visit the little boys or little girls room at all?

Muley said...

Bob -- Welcome to Muley's World! Thanks for dropping in. I feel your pain, brother. I am exactly the same way about reading time and place. I have to choose my reading carefully, because most of the time, those few minutes before sleep are the only times available to me to read (for fun) as well. In a year, I only get between 20 and 40 books read, so I have to make sure they are ones I truly want to spend time with. That's why I have no trouble ditching a book halfway through if it's not "doing it" for me.

I did check out the Follett book from the library, just to take it home for a pre-read test drive, and while it looks fabulous, I just can't tackle a 900+ page book right now. I will put it on my monstrous, enormous "To Be Read Eventually" list.

Thanks for recommending Bruneleschi's Dome. I'll check it out, and if it doesn't put me to sleep too quickly (an improtant factor), I'll probably end up reading it some year.

Now I must check out your blog. Thanks again for stopping by!

Muley said...

Jan -- I think I need a daily compartment holder not only for my pills, but for my bills to pay that day, lunch money, books to read, etc., etc. I would just have everything I needed for the day in a huge plastic flip-top box, so simple that even I couldn't fail to open it.

Laura -- I love Reese's pieces as well, although if they keep making candy bigger, I'm not sure I can snack on choclates the size of golf balls.

jenA said...

okay, tangent. are you sure they give you enough to do over there? Your office is usually stacked with papers. A bonfire might produce some blogworthy content .... Oh, wait. wrong town.