Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Empty Nest Trial Run

Our oldest daughter Rebecca, who's 12, left today to accompany her best friend and her family on a 5-day vacation to Corpus Christi and the Texas Gulf coast. Rebecca is excited, but since she's also a homebody, she's also been reminding us of how much she will miss us. Except for a one-night church trip years ago, this will be the first time she's been away from home (out of town) without us.

Mrs. Muley and I already miss her, and we understand that this is just the first of the trips away we'll have to live through, culminating, of course, in that big, final trip away from home during or after college. (Of course, we're not even entertaining the idea that Rebecca might end up a bum and try to live with us until we physically kick her out at age 43).

Anyway, this is nothing big, nothing of any consequence in the world and its turnings, except that we know it's just the first of those little separations we will have to buck up and accept as parents. It's a part of life for sure, but we'll sure be glad to see Rebecca when she returns on Saturday.

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