Friday, August 05, 2005

Requiem for a Waterpark

I filed this audio post the day after visiting Schlitterbahn, the big waterpark in New Braunfels, Texas.

this is an audio post - click to play


Anonymous said...
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Katalina B said...

Whoa!!! LOL!!! Regarding people watching...I know exactly what you mean! I LOVE to "people watch"! I can relate to seeing the all shapes..sizes...colors...dress... tatoos...piercings...etc. Please know that I don't "watch" with any malice or meaness in my heart...I think it is just interesting to see the different body art, ornaments, decorations, hair colors, clothing (or lack thereof!)I am amazed at the "bravery" some folks exhibit in regards to wearing the "teeny-tiny" articles of clothing! For myself...I couldn't do that (nope...not a "prude"...I did wear those "teeny-tiny" bikins in my younger days!)
In regards to the self-esteem thing...LOL! I can remember when we would go to the beaches in Hawai'i/Tahiti...I would always look for the "heaviest" and "fairest-skinned" person to lay our mats/towels next to! I figured they would make me look good! (I am sorry that I had to be that insecure...but believe me, I meant no harm!)
Anyway...sounds as though you folks are having a great time...and that is what is important!