Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Morning After

Now that I've recovered from that impetuous late night "first post" that concluded my birthing of this blog, I've had a few hours to sit, like Victor Frankenstein, and contemplate my squalling creation. Why did I do this? Was it just to see if I could? (Possibly) Was it to feed my latent narcissism? (Possibly).

The more I've thought about it, I can see at least four goals for this blog.

NUMBER ONE: To keep my writing skills fresh. Up till now, every time I try to write something on my haphazard creative schedule, it's like getting out rusty knives and blunt scissors. By having a blog patiently waiting for an entry, I hopefully will be inspired to make writing more than a once-in-awhile exercise.

NUMBER TWO: To pass on things others have written. I love collecting quotes, prose excerpts and humorous stories, and I can stick a few on this blog for others to read. It's a much more humane way of passing on these pearls of wisdom, because people who look at this site will do it by choice, as opposed to being unwilling victims who get one of those messy, unedited and virus-filled forwards through e-mail.

NUMBER THREE: I can let my friends across the country know what I'm up to, although I don't plan on doing a lot of "here's what I did today" stuff. I find most of that on other blogs boring, so I'll try to stick with interesting second-party information and first person essays, as well as incriminating photos from family get-togethers and neighborhood stakeouts.

NUMBER FOUR: There's got to be some money in this racket somewhere.

In a future entry, I will attempt to further introduce myself, Muley Cuspidor-Worthington, and whip out my weltanschauung (in a tasteful way, of course).

Quote for the day:

"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well."

--Joe Ancis


LuckyDuck said...

There IS money in this racket... nine pop-up ads appeared while perusing your musings, each one adding to the blog.com coffers. Unfortunately, none of it will be forwarded to 'ol Muley.

Best of luck!

Muley said...

So sorry about that, luckyduck. You're right that ol' Muley doesn't get a dime of that. It's what pays for the free blogging. I'll admit I haven't noticed it because I use Safari on a Mac, which blocks pop-ups, but you're not the first who's mentioned how many pop-ups appear. Wish I had a solution, but I don't. But thanks for reading, and I hope to see you back soon.