Monday, May 23, 2005

Candy Striper Surprise

I just heard this story and have to pass it on. It's a true story that happened to a friend of a brother-in-law, and it goes to show that sometimes...well, I'm not quite sure just what it goes to show. Maybe that our fate is a mystery known only to God.

Anyway, the friend told my brother-in-law that in her school days she got the notion that she might want to pursue a career in medicine, and so she obtained a volunteer position with a medical facility. This would enable her to get her feet wet and see what "real" medicine was like.

On the girl's first day, the head nurse told her that she could help by feeding a female patient who was not able to feed herself. The woman couldn't speak or move her arms, and needed help with meals. The girl took a bowl of oatmeal into the woman's room and started trying to feed her. At first, she was hoping the woman would cooperate with her efforts, but it appeared that she would not or could not. The girl tried again and again to get the woman to swallow the oatmeal, but each time it ended up running out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her gown.

Finally, the frustrated girl went to get the head nurse and told her, "I need help. Nothing is working." So the head nurse took the bowl of oatmeal and headed into the woman's room.

Moments later, the head nurse came back out into the hall. "There's a reason why you didn't succeed in there," she told the girl. "That woman is dead."

The friend told my brother-in-law that after this experience, she decided maybe she wasn't cut out for medicine after all. Today, she is happily serving as a children's minister at my brother-in-law's church.


Gentleman Farmer said...

PROMISE this is a true story? Cross your heart?

Muley said...

I PROMISE it's true, unless my brother-in-law is lying to me. I couldn't make something up this macabre -- that's not the Muley gift.