Thursday, March 09, 2006

Abortion Steals a Waving Flag

Once again, there's evidence that pro-abortion forces can't stand to be competitive in the marketplace of ideas.

Earlier this week, a pro-life group at Baylor University here in Waco, Texas, planted 3,500 pink and blue flags. Near the flags they posted a sign which read, "In Loving Memory of the 3,500 Children Aborted Daily in the United States." The students, who call themselves Bears for Life, had permission from the administration to put up both the flags and the sign and keep them up through Wednesday.

However, some pro-abortion types snuck out Tuesday night, and in typical fashion (under the cover of darkness) removed all 3,500 flags, replacing them with a sign which read, "Abortion Saves 7,000 Adult Lives Every Day." I guess seeing all those thousands of little flags waving across Fountain Mall for the aborted babies was just too much for them.

In case you're interested, here's the full story from the Baylor student newspaper, the Lariat.


HolyMama! said...

last i heard it was 3000 a day. am horrified to hear it is so much more than that. (can't even stand to think about it)

EmmaSometimes said...

Abortion saves 7,000 lives a day? Would that include the baby that dies?

It makes me sad when people don't see the heart of the matter. Abortion kills babies. The rest is just secondary. My best friend at 4 mos. was urged to have her 'downs and severely retarded' child aborted. She wouldn't. The only medical treatment that child needed when he was born, was to take his perfectly normal and healthy body into surgery for a belly button hernia.

Stephanie said...

Some former students of mine who attend Oregon State University are part of the campus Right to Life group. A few years ago they were planning their annual display of 3000 crosses (that they stick in the ground) in the student quad to protest abortion.

The night before they were to put up the crosses the trailer that most were being stored in was stolen.

I understand people who support abortion. I just don't understand why some people feel its their right to prevent the pro-life group from sharing their viewpoint.

sarahgrace said...

So it's come down to whether an adult life or a babies life is more important...That is just SO wrong. Wrong.Wrong.Wrong.Wrong. Wrong whether it came down to that or not.
Thank goodness, Jenny's friend didn't abort! Praise God for that. I never even have the blood testing done, when they test for defects or disorders when you're pregnant, because it just isn't an issue. I would never abort, no matter what!