Thursday, February 23, 2006

Some Things About Me (part three)

51. I’m an innie.

52. My favorite Stooge is Curly.

53. The first Presidential election I was eligible to vote in was the 1980 contest. For some reason I only vaguely remember now, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan, and ended up voting for Independent candidate John Anderson instead.

54. I have seen all of the James Bond movies except “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” which is considered to be one of the worst. When I was in kindergarten, I had a James Bond spy briefcase, which featured a rifle barrel that would appear from the side when you pushed a hidden button.

55. During our senior year in high school, my best friend and I were allowed to read the morning announcements over the school PA system. We loved to play jokes, such as reading a fake announcement instructing someone to report to a certain room number, which would end up being a girl’s restroom or a janitor’s closet.

56. I was in Boy Scouts for two years, attaining the rank of Life Scout. I bailed out before I earned my Eagle.

57. I’ve had almost all of the classic bad dreams before –- the caught in public naked dream, the tornado dream, the falling dream, the showing up for a big test totally unprepared dream (I seem to have that one most often). Actually, though, I rarely remember my dreams, and very few of the ones I do remember I’d classify as sexy or even as a form of wish fulfillment.

58. I have a mild to moderate fear of heights, depending on the place and the safety features. This has not, however, prevented me from flying in airplanes or standing atop such high creations as the former World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Hemisfair Tower in San Antonio or Pikes Peak.

59. I played Little League baseball for six years, basketball for one year in a church league, and football on my 8th grade school team. That’s the extent of my organized sports involvement during grade school.

60. The last time I shaved my upper lip was the day of my high school graduation, and I’ve had a mustache ever since.

61. I have never eaten snails, caviar, sardines, sushi, sheep’s eyeballs or any other nasty foods in the same general category.

62. When I was single and dating, I never had much of a chance getting women to like me through my looks or physique. If I had any chance at all, it was by making them laugh.

63. I have been keeping a daily journal fairly regularly since the early 1990s. I almost never look back and read it, unless my wife and I can’t remember the date of something and need to refer back to the journal to verify the date.

64. I am a big history buff, including family history, which I guess is one reason I keep the journals even though I never read them. They will give my kids and grandkids something not to read some day.

65. I know all the lyrics to the Texas A&M fight song, even though I never went to school there. At the same time, I don’t remember the lyrics to the fight songs of the schools I did attend.

66. I have never been bitten by a snake or stung by a bee or wasp. I have, however, lost gallons of blood to Southeast Texas mosquitoes over the years.

67. When you look at the shirts hanging in my closet, you will find a number of them with bright colors, including a Hawaiian shirt that makes my wife wince every time I get it out.

68. I had some pretty boring summer jobs, including working two summers in the men’s department of Weiner’s department store and stuffing advertising fliers inside newspapers. One summer, however, I got to be a reporter for a weekly newspaper in Pasadena (Texas), covering the city of South Houston. It was fun.

69. My middle name is Mark. If one of the radio or TV stations I worked for had ever insisted that I change my on-air name, I was going to choose “Mark Randall” as my alias. Luckily, I never had to do this.

70. I was big into racing Hot Wheels cars and building airplane models as a kid.

71. I’m told that I don’t speak with a Texas accent, although I do frequently employ Texanisms such as “fixin’ to” and “ya’ll.”

72. When I was quite young, my mom decided that she was going to make me try tomato juice, something I was determined not to do. One Saturday morning, she set a glass in front of me at the breakfast table and told me I couldn’t leave to go watch cartoons unless I’d tried some. I stubbornly refused, and eventually she let me go. I have never liked tomato juice, and I’m not going to try it to see if my tastes have changed.

73. I used to go tubing and rafting all the time in the Guadalupe River when I was younger.

74. I can’t really snap my fingers worth a darn.

75. My 5 o’clock shadow arrives each day about noon.


Anonymous said...

well, this is darned interesting stuff here. especially the mustache part. i'm assuming, just wondering.....pondering if you have actually cleaned in there before? there isn't anything living in there? why have you kept it all these years, is there some sort of upper lip problem?

EmmaSometimes said...

Was this a Freudian slip to list your Presidential voting (#53)next to the picture of you posing with your rifle? You are spending too much time in front of the news. Thank you Mr. Chaney.

Oh, YES. I completely agree! That was Pervert Bond (#54). He was gross and high on the ewwww factor. I have seen them all and am not excited about the new blonde Bond. No one can beat Sean Connery but I would have liked to have seen Goran Visnjic try

I wonder when people say they are afraid of heights (#58) I would be more afraid of plummeting to my death from a great height.

It's a good thing you bailed (#56) when you did because you would have failed the final test for Eagle Scout Rank (#61). Escargot is really good sauteed with butter and garlic.

History hmmm (#64) my hubby loves Military History but I do genealogical research, so it's something we both enjoy. Very cool.

After living in Colorado (#71) I finally learned what a mulenour was.
I was only drivin' 60 meulnour!

The exact word used by Ted Kennedy in 1969, when speaking to his friend, as the island location of where he just minutes before, dropped off his 'secretary'. (OOOOH, whoops, did I say THAT?)

Muley said...

Susie: Har, har, har. Yes, I have cleaned in there. At least twice.

Jennybee: Yes, you said it.

EmmaSometimes said...

Im now hoping you don't like Ted Kennedy, but it could be entirely possible...or not? As you see, I am not a fan. 1969 was pre-Jennybee but Im still not fond of him.

Muley said...

Ditto, JB.

Jenn said...

Is that a Red Rider BB Gun?

Stephanie said...

Quite the list! Very interesting stuff here. I would also say that escargot isn't too bad with butter. Lots of butter. In fact, it pretty much just tastes like chewy butter, which is okay with me.

Aunt Jo said...

I am here from Emma's blog....

Funny stuff!

I can only snap with my right hand.

If your 5 o'clock shadow arrives early, reset your clock silly!

Jeff H said...

I'm guessing that, despite that picture, you didn't "shoot your eye out".

I once read an announcement over the intercom at high school, advertising the choir's talent show; the announcement started off "Hello, this is God speaking." Got the principal's attention, for sure.