Friday, February 10, 2006

And Them Ain't Small Potatoes

Here's a little-known piece of Hollywood trivia for you on this rainy Friday afternoon (at least in Waco, Texas).

Actress Marilyn Monroe was photographed wearing just about every conceivable type of clothing during her career, including bib overalls, sailor suits and a few infamous shots wearing "nothing but a smile." At one point, a newspaper columnist remarked that Marilyn would look good even in a potato sack, and she responded by posing in one. The shots of her wearing the "potato sack dress" were a bit hit around the world.

So, what do you think? How does Marilyn Monroe look in burlap?


EmmaSometimes said...

Darn her. Even in burlap!

I like almost every one of your movies as a favorite. Amelie, Buster Keaton, Hitchcock and Monty Python..good stuff.

And the best of all:
"SO THAT'S what I was doing on Wednesday!!!"

Jenn said...

That's one form-fitting potato sack!

jenA said...

well, sure. they made the sack look like a dress. if it had been just a sack with a hole cut out the top, no form whatsoever, no high heels, i'd look way better.