Friday, February 17, 2006

Random Observations and Trivial Events

1. I have a great idea if there’s a group of balding middle-aged guys out there who have formed a boomer classic rock band and are trying to come up with a cool name. Are you ready? INVOLUNTARY TONSURE. Mysterious, self-deprecating, and even a bit assonantal. If they’re costume lovers, they could take the stage wearing monk’s hoods. That would get the ladies’ attention.

2. The change of seasons, courtesy of Wal-Mart late one night this past week: an aisle marked “Seasonal,” a girl at one end removing red, forlorn unpurchased Valentine hearts and candy, a second girl at the opposite end, filling shelves with pastel eggs and rabbits. It’s like watching the moon and the tides.

3. I’m excited! Mrs. Muley and I are going to see the movie “Walk the Line” tonight, and I hope it’s as good as everybody says. Right now, I just don’t see Reese Witherspoon as June Carter Cash, so I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.


EmmaSometimes said...

Have fun. Oh wait, you posted last night. How was it? Hubby and I want to see it but we are waiting for the ususal. We have to mortgage our house to get the family into the theater for one show + popcorn.

I still liked Dave Barry and his name, "The Flaming Salmonella Units". It was in his column for Thanksgiving which as you imagine was pretty funny.

Muley said...

The movie was great, JB. I'll try to post a mini-review if I get the chance.

Jvkuna: a type of East European coffee.

Nettie said...

Cover or original songs? Oh wait, I guess classic rock would be cover..

Kristen said...

I want a review!