Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Vinyl Gallery

There is a space between two windows in the Muley back room -- which serves as the office, library and playroom of the Muley house -- that, for the lack of anything more striking, I have made into a rotating exhibit space that might be called "Muley's LP Gallery." I still own hundreds of vinyl LPs from those ancient days before CDs, and so one day I bought a dozen LP frames from a crafts store, arranged them in three rows on the wall, and, "voila!," a gallery was born.

Instead of leaving the same record covers up forever, I decided to rotate them out every now and then for variety's sake. Sometimes they are chosen to match a theme ("Country music," "Standup comedy," "Female balladeers"), and sometimes they are totally random. Here is the gallery that appeared in December 2007 featuring Christmas albums.

Sometime in January, tiring of the cold and bleak winter weather, I took down the Christmas albums and replaced them with ones depicting the warm wahines of sunny Hawaii.

I suspect I am just about the only one who ever notices what records I put up on the wall. My kids think I'm a bit weird and ancient, to begin with, for even owning something as old-fashioned and outdated as LPs. I'm guessing that, to them, I could cut the fronts off of old boxes of cereal and slap them up on the wall and I wouldn't be doing anything any goofier or less visually arresting.

What about other oldtimers such as me? Well, we've had guests in the house for parties, and not once have I ever had anyone comment on the gallery, good or bad. Maybe they're too busy playing the vintage 1980s Nintendo games we have set up in the room (remember "Duck Hunt"?)

To be truthful, I don't really care all that much if no one else notices the LPs. It's sort of like my private Etch-A-Sketch on the wall. I have fun thinking about what theme I'll feature next. After Hawaii, I might do all Beatles albums, or maybe a set of great ol' cheesy 1950s lounge records I bought cheap at the library used book sale. Maybe I'll report back from time to time on what's featured in "the gallery."


Jeff H said...

I guess you don't have make all those hard decisions about paint or wallpaper, do you?

Muley said...

Ah Jeff, you nailed my hidden motive. This is at least one space in the house immune to the renovation bug.

sarahgrace said...

Well aren't you just a regular Martha Stewart? Just kidding, but seriously- I think that's a great idea. Your wall looks cool, is never static, and you have put all those records to good use!

einefeistyberg said...

Oh, Muley, I visited your blog because sermon on the mount of laundry tagged you - all along I thought you were young like Sarahgrace and now I see by your album collection you are closer to my age.
Eine Feisty Berg

Muley said...

Well, Eine Fesity, I agree that Sarah Grace is most definitely young and beautiful, but that doesn't necessarily make me old enough for dentures and a cane. But yes, I grew up in the 60s and 70s with all that great music. I cop to being "40-something."

Sarah Grace, I saw where you tagged me on another post, but I haven't had the chance to do more yet other than answer comments. I will try to oblige, however. Thanks for stopping by, and for your encouraging words.

Inkling said...

Now that is just the coolest. If I were invited to a party at the Muley house I would want to see the entire collection. It makes me wish I still had the three LP's I ever owned as a teenager so I could frame them (we still had a record player and I couldn't find tapes of these): Alice's Restaurant, Simon and Garfunkel Bookends, and a Pink Floyd--can't remember which one. And I'm at least ten years younger than you, I'll wager! Well, I couldn't frame Alice's Restaurant, since Arlo is sitting at a strategically placed table in the nude with a napkin.

Stephanie said...

I can't believe more of your house guests don't comment on this! It's SO cool! I love the Hawaii theme...wish I was in Hawaii, in fact.

My parents (who are much older than you, don't worry) have lots of albums with cool cover art. I might have to steal them and copy your idea. For art's sake.

Emma Sometimes said...

Well, mele kalikimaka.... that is a cute idea.

Muley said...

Inkling: I know the Arlo Guthrie album you are referring to, and personally, I'm just glad that Arlo didn't get up from the table before the photo shoot was finished!

Stephanie: Yes, I frequently with I was in Hawaii as well, but then again, many times I am content to be exactly where I am. But I love the Hawaii covers -- if you had only LP covers to go by, all the women in Hawaii are beautiful and with 1000-watt, constant smiles.

Emma: Thanks. And I am enjoying the funny stuff you've been posting lately. It has given me a lift.

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