Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How to Hula While You Make Moolah

I think it was that eminent philosopher Fonzie who said, "Sit on it and spin!" That might be a good slogan for something called "The Hawaii Chair," which I discovered on a blog somewhere. Check out this YouTube video of what has to be one of the goofiest products ever invented. If you want the sensation of working at your desk during an 8.4 earthquake, then I guess this is for you.

And just what, pray tell, is a "2800 RPM Hula Motor?"


Emma Sometimes said...

hahhaha, and with the new 5600 rpm chair you will guaranteed lose weight (cause you lose your lunch, regardless).

Do they make these for automobiles?

Muley said...

This IS a great weight-loss idea. Let's work on a modified version and make millions.

Paul Smith said...

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