Saturday, December 15, 2007

Muley at Christmas, 1963


Lin said...

welcome back. . in the time you were gone. . did my own blog. . had 500 readers a day.. won 4 awards. . got hacked by spammers. . changed offices. . moved to another state. . and quit the blog.

I'm so happy to see you. .you were a ray of sunshine in what I found to be a whole bunch of trolls out there.
your favorite redheadfed

Muley said...

Red Head Fed--

BOY! It's good to hear from you again. When I finally emerged from blog detox and started looking around all the old haunts for my old pals, when I accessed your site all I got was a page of ads for hair growth tonic and UFO sightseeing tours, or stuff like that. Last I heard from you on your blog you had moved to yet another unnamed location (nice digs, by the way), and then you were gone. I thought maybe your brass had to move you into hiding for some secret mission or something, and made you give up the blog.

Sounds like that wasn't the reason. I'm sorry you got hit by spammers and decided to quit, but I certainly know how those decisions go. Your blog, too, was one I thought that stood out among the others -- never tacky or less than tasteful, always interesting and good for a laugh. Maybe someday, like me, you'll be back.

If you ever want to drop me a line, I'm at the old e-mail address. I'm afraid if I e-mailed you at your old e-mail address, the guys in the dark glasses would show up at my house.

Take car. Thanks again for dropping by.

Muley said...

Uh, that's take CARE. You surely already have a car.

Lin said...

I can't find your old email addy. . but you can still use mine. . no dark glasses guys. . I promise. . . I have some new stuff you can peruse while I work on the book.