Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It Wasn't Called "Vrroom!" for Nothing

If you were a red-blooded American boy in the 1960s, not old enough to drive and forced to settle for riding a bicycle or tricycle, this was something you wanted from Santa. I finally got one as a Christmas gift, and I can still remember our neighborhood in the days following, with me and other boys riding their bikes down the street, sounding like an invading army of locusts ready for a motocross race.

You just knew this was the coolest because you had your own special key to start the engine. It weren't no toy, you understand.

I love the commercial! Am I wrong, or can no kid have that many huge freckles on his nose? Do you think they painted them on with some sort of dye? And why do all little boys in 1960s commercials look as though their fathers cut their hair with a pair of pruning shears while drunk? Probably because, in many cases, they did.


Stephanie said...

That commercial is hilarious! Those freckles do look a bit peculiar. Definitely should be checked out by a dermatologist.

The image of you and your friends riding around with those motors on your bikes makes me laugh. What a racket!

Museum of Vintage V-RROOM! said...

If the image of a bunch of kids riding around on bikes with those motors in the 1960's makes you laugh, what would you think about a bunch of adults that are still riding around with those motors on their bikes today? LOL