Friday, April 21, 2006

Out, Damned Spammers

Apologies to William Shakespeare for stealing and modifying his line for my title.

Awhile back, I got rid of word verifcation on Muley's World because, frankly, I myself hate having to try to decipher those melting, elongated letters on other blogs just to be able to comment, so I figured I'd do you readers a favor and save you that trouble when you are kind enough to comment on one of my posts.

However, today I have re-enabled word verification. Like a pesky form of bacteria, the spammers have not only returned to Muley's World, but they have mutated and are getting smarter.

The first blog spammers I got a year ago were pretty crude with their pitches. They would have easily identifiable names, like "BaldNoMore," and would start right in with their come-on: "I like your site. If you're losing what little hair you have left like the middle-aged frump you undoubtedly are, visit 'BaldNoMore' and learn about our incredible hair growth cream, available in three flavors."

Now, however, I've gotten comments which seem to be from actual people. I begin reading them with delight -- ah, a new visitor and possible blog buddy! -- and at first, the authors seem to have actually read the post they're commenting on. But it's soon apparent that their words of praise are very non-specific, and after I read down three or four sentences, they hit me with the pitch -- much less in-your-face than the old ones -- to come visit their site so I can learn how to buy the car wax the Space Shuttle astronauts took into space or purchase the latest in designer cow udder mittens or whatever else they are selling.

These sneaky ads are seeping in more and more often, so I've finally decided to put the kibosh on them. I apologize that you faithful friends will once again have to squint and try to decode those kooky letters, but I hope we'll both enjoy life more not having to waste our time reading comments that are really ads.


Maria del Carmen said...

These ads are terribly annoying and come on, who ever responds positively to false flattery? It's so obvious they want your business and nothing else, but if they want to be smart about it, they should think of something wittier than, "Loved your site. Great post!...Pop into my site and I'll hook you up with 'the latest in designer cow utter mittens.'" (Loved that, by the way...and I'm not just telling you that to sell you something.) I'm no salesperson, but I would think, if you really want to sell something, you have to be interested in your potential customers (or pretend to be). A blog's comment section is just not the place for business. By the way, I don't mind taking the time to decipher the code. It doesn't bother me at all; I actually enjoy it. (I know, I'm a strange bird...I'm from Miami!) Now, pop into my site and I'll sell you some crack. It goes good with espresso!

beachtiglet said...

Muley, claim your blog so I can give you shares....Dana at blogshares.

EmmaSometimes said...

Pop into my blog and you will find the meaning of insanity. You will also find a blog friend that has decidedly sworn off consuming coffee or other misc. beverages that tend to propel outwardly via nostril, frequenting my computer screen, desk, etc...while she is laughing at your posts.

Forget Spammers, how do you get coffee out of a keyboard?

HolyMama! said...

i see those word type things as a typing quiz. i try to get it right the first time, because it seems like if you screw it up, the second time the 'word' is waaaaay longer.

(really, i don't mind. very few sites DON'T require that, really)

Laura said...

This post is just so true. It speaks to my heart. I am so delighted to find you; we have so much in common! I bet we have something else in common: like me, you must certainly be in need of a high-powered handheld vacuum cleaner that will remove 99.9% of lethal bacteria from your carpet and apholstery. Visit my site at today!

Laura said...

(The spelling error was intentional--the first sign of spam is often a mipselled wurd.)

JD said...

Yeah hate those stupid things. Almost as bad as typing "tuwbdgnz" for your word verification LOL. Nope hate spam more!!