Friday, November 11, 2005

Weird Web Photo Gallery

What happens when you cross the Cat in the Hat's hat, Big Bird and and a rainbow? Well, you get something that will certainly turn some heads when you wear it to church on Sunday.

When I see these weird fashion pictures, I always wonder what's going through the model's head when she's wearing contraptions such as this. Does she think she's being daring, or chic, or does she know that most of us will be laughing our rears off at her costume? Or does she even care what we plebians think?


Nettie said...

Maybe it's really comfortable.

Laura said...

She's thinking in dollar signs. I wish I was a model. I'd be happy to wear that thing for that price tag, and you could laugh all you wanted.

Jeff H said...

If she's anything like Kate Moss, she's probably thinking about the next line of coke she can buy with her check for wearing that contraption.