Thursday, October 20, 2005

Will Jesus Return Now That the Astros Have Won?

Yes, that's the question I'm asking today. Are the end times here? First, all these hurricanes and earthquakes. Then the impossible -- Houston actually WINS a National League playoff.

I have been rooting for Houston almost since I was old enough to watch TV or listen to radio. So many times have I waited through the playoffs, only to be denied a trip to the World Series by some incredible mistake. My analogy was always that the Astros were Charlie Brown, and the World Series was the football that Lucy pulled away at the last moment every single time.

Now, I guess I'll have to take that blurb about "long-suffering Astros fan" out of my profile. At this point, I don't even care as much that they win the World Series than that they fought the odds and made it. I'll be watching Saturday some way, even though Mrs. Muley and I will be down in San Antonio celebrating our 17th anniversary. We've got a nice hotel on the Riverwalk, so we're going to be eating Mexican food, strolling around, and doing other things I won't discuss here.

Have a great weekend, guys. And root for the 'Stros!


Nettie said...

You read my mind....Well, about the Rapture, anyway.

Jeromy Adams said...

Astros Fans... here's a great astros tribute song

puremood said...

Sorry I root for the Sox.

Happy Anniversay!

Jeff H said...

Um, given their performance in Games 1 and 2 of the World Series, you might want to postpone the eschatological references. I know, I know, my beloved Red Sox were down 3 games to none to the Minions of Satan in last years ALCS, but come on--2 years in a row? Would God play that much havoc with the laws of probability?

Jeff H said...

OK, given their performance in games 3 and 4, I think we can safely say Jesus will NOT come again--because of the Astros, that is. However, he might because of the White Sox (88 years, 2 more than the Red Sox waited).