Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ukulele Boy


Scott said...

OK -- three general comments:

1. He is having FUN!! That's all that matters. So thumbs up to him.
2. Technical merit -- chord progressions are dead on and he executed the modulations very nicely.
3. Showmanship -- pacing was great; anything but mechanical which is often what happens with acts this young. Dramatic pauses at the right places, and he really knew how to "move". Facial expressions were priceless.

All in all, I say this kid's got real potential. I want to see him again, and again. In five, 10, heck 15 years, he could very well turn out to be something . . . BIG.

Thanks for posting, Muley!!

violentlyinlove said...

haha that boys got some spirit. love his outfit coupled with the fact thats hes playing the ukulele. adorable

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