Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Good Friends

Another break from the dadgum Grocery Chronicles, just to tell a quick true life story,

My daughter Rebecca had her wisdom teeth removed this past Friday, and her face has been very swollen since then -- so swollen, in fact, that for a few days she went around the house with a scarf over her face (an idea she got, I think, from the movie "Penelope.") We finally convinced her that, instead of making her less noticeable, the scarf made her look like someone about to rob the 3:45 stagecoach from Dodge City, so she eventually stopped wearing it.

We'd all agreed that if Rebecca was still quite swollen on Monday morning, her mother and I would let her stay home from the first day back to school, since she's a good student and had her homework assignments to work on. She woke up yesterday still swollen, so she stayed home and missed the day of school.

Even though she was still almost as swollen this morning, she knew she'd have to return to school or risk falling behind. So she went, not too excitedly. And she made it through, although she claims EVERYONE noticed.

Here's the unusual little story part. Rebecca's got a great group of girls as her friends, and they all knew why she was missing classes. It turns out that there was a party at school she had to miss yesterday, so her friends created some sort of Rebecca "puppet" or "doll" that they not only took to the party in her absence, but that they faithfully took to each or her classes and placed in her empty chair.

This story doesn't have any big moral, but I just think it's nice for her to have such good (and creative) friends.


Carla said...

Very cute story. She's fortunate to have such great friends!

emme said...

How cute! It sounds like she really does have a great group of friends...and imaginative, too!

We had a chipmunk cheek girl around our house not too long ago...my sister can testify to the embarrassment of swollen cheeks after wisdom teeth removal!


R said...

LOL That is funny.

Mrs. Sinta said...

She is beloved.

Muley said...

Thanks for all the great comments. I think my daughter's friends are very special. We're blessed to have them.

Jennifer said...

That is so sweet! What wonderful friends.