Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Grocery Store Chronicles: Introduction

I'm a bit of an aberration, I suppose, in that I am a married, heterosexual male who enjoys grocery shopping -- or, who at least does not despise it as much as most men nowadays seem to.

I started grocery shopping when I was a carefree bachelor buying cheap canned meats and snack foods in college. I kept it up during my single days as a member of the workforce, then after I married I continued grocery shopping because, well, my wife wasn't all that thrilled with the task, and I seemed not to mind it. So, as a gift to her, I offered to roam the aisles each week.

One reason I don't usually mind grocery shopping is that I like to cook, and I enjoy trying new recipes (even if they are simply new "recipes" that have to be heated up or mixed up from a can or box). I spend at least a part of each grocery trip browsing the shelves to see what new, ingenious items have been introduced. You can get burned out on a dish pretty quickly, so it pays to find new things that seem promising to the palate.

Of course, now that the huge superstores I buy food in also sell things like books and DVDs, I spend some of my time in the store browsing among the new titles.

In my more than 25 years as a grocery shopper I have learned a lot about the practice, and about the different types of people -- customers and employees -- that can be found in the modern supermarket. In the next few days I plan to present a series of posts relating some of my hard-fought grocery wisdom. I hope you enjoy them.


emme said...

Thanks so much for leaving your wise words of advice for is always so helpful to find that you aren't the only one to experience certain feelings or situations...sometimes you just need that tap of remembrance on the shoulder! ☺

Hmmm...I don't believe I've ever stumbled across your blog before...ever so interesting!


Muley said...

Emme -- I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and liked what I saw, so I added you to my blogroll. You and I apparently share a love for old movies and books, so it's always nice to find a kindred spirit. Thanks for dropping by Muley's World, and I hope you'll return every now and then.