Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Never Go to Work

One of my favorite musical groups is They Might Be Giants. The group is two guys who do all sorts of nerdy, intelligent, sometime weird and downright goofy songs that only a complete dweeb like me can relate to. Their only big hit, I believe, was "Birdhouse in Your Soul" a number of years back.

Anyway, I was excited to learn that TMBG is coming out with their first CD of songs written just for kids. They have also done a number of video podcasts to promote the songs. I'd like to share the video they did for their song called "Never Go to Work," teaching kids about the days of the week. It's a catchy tune, and the video is neat. It might take awhile to load, but it's worth the wait.


R said...

They are actually perfect for children's music. I have never been a fan, but I think it is because they sounded like children's music performers to me. Maybe. I can't remember it all right now. I can't think in the morning. Too dang early. Well, not quite, but for me it is.

Inkling said...

My niece loves this band so much that she learned to play the accordian. I think they are very clever.

Muley said...

I'm not sure if this is a CD they're releasing, or a DVD, or both.

A lot of their songs sound like children's tunes musically, but the lyrics are sometimes a little bit inapporpriate for tykes, such as in one of my favorites, "Alienation's for the Rich (And I'm Feeling Poorer Every Day)."

Anonymous said...

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